IFRS Training Programme


IFRS Training Programme

Professional Academy of International Financial Reporting Standards


Topics in IFRS Training Programme (02.07.2018.-06.07.2018.)

Lecturer: Alice Sramkova, ACCA 

2 July 2018Morning SessionIntroduction to IFRS, role of IASB and EFRAG, IASB work plan

Conceptual Framework and IFRS measurement principles

Afternoon SessionIS 2 Inventories

IAS 41 Agriculture

IAS 24 Related parties and IFRS 8 Operating segments

3 July 2018Morning SessionIFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts from Customers


Afternoon SessionIFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts from Customers (continued)
4 July 2018Morning SessionIFRS 16 Leases (continued)

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments


Afternoon SessionIFRS 9 Financial Instruments (continued)
5 July 2018Morning SessionGroup accounting – basic principles, including:

•         IFRS 3 Business Combinations

•         IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements

•         IAS 28, IFRS 11 Associates and Joint Ventures


Afternoon Session
6 July 2018Morning SessionGroup accounting – advanced consolidation techniques:

•         Sub-subsidiaries

•         Piecemeal acquisitions

•         Partial and full disposals

•         Foreign currency subsidiaries

Afternoon Session


Lecturer in IFRS Training Programme

Alice Sramkova – qualified trainer for ACCA exams and one of the best trainer for IFRS

Professional experience:

– Audit senior at one of the Big Four accounting firms

– Financial reporting manager at Czech Airlines

– Independent consultant and tutor

– Since 2003 focusing on IFRS and relation between Czech accounting and income tax

– Examiner at Czech professional accounting qualification

– Member of Czech National Accounting Board


Early bird – registration up to 20.06.2018. 7.490kn+PDV
Two or more participants from the same organisation (registration up to 20.06.2018.)7.490kn+PDV
Daily programme: 9.00AM-4.00PM;

lunch and coffee break included in price



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